NEW EP out on 13th October 2014: M G Boulter & Samantha Whates: The Boatswain's Manual

I met Samantha Whates earlier this year when we both toured with our friend Blue Rose Code. She has a voice like Joni Mitchell and a sense of humour that is infectious. During that tour we sat in a bed and breakfast in Berwick upon Tweed, watching people walk their dogs on the beach, and talked about meditation, books and working late. It wasn’t long before we thought that maybe we could play a few shows together and we arranged a meeting by the seaside to work on songs.

In the height of summer we walked the seashore and meandered around the arcades of Southend, my hometown. Samantha is also from another seaside town, Montrose, so talk inevitably turned to nautical and seaside songs. Thus, our new EP, The Boatswain’s Manual was born. The EP features five new songs including ‘Sailors’ which was written by Samantha and Kathryn Williams and ‘Westcliff’, a new song of mine which meditates on a trip Neil Young once made to Southend in 1974.

The Boatswain’s Manual will be limited to a hundred handmade copies featuring exclusive artwork by Samantha. Release date is 13th October 2014. We will be supporting the release with a short seaside town tour: 

Saturday 18th October: The Fishermen’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Sunday 19th October: LV21, Deal, Kent